Monday, June 25, 2007

Luz #1: The Beginning

T. S. Eliot
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Read more about peak oil at:
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manale said...


I love comics that are both adorable and utterly terrifying! Kinda like 'Herman'.

I sometimes have Peak Oil mini-nightmares.

Not even joking...

Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Thanks, Steve!
You made me laugh so hard with the Herman reference... : P

David said...

Awesome. Keep it up Claudia! It will be interesting to see what type of story arc develops.

Milé Murtanovski said...


My name is Milé and I'm currently putting together the program for Clay & Paper's "We Need Help!" summer show. I've seen your "Spoiled" comic and now the one page you've provided for the program. I am very, very impressed with your work. You've got a nicely polished drawing/painting style and good storytelling skills. I'm putting together my own comic book but it's slow-going as my cartooning skills are weak (I'm primarily a painter:, but your work is certainly an inspiration. I look forward to meeting you at a WNH show soon.
Great work!

Arne said...

Butternuts-uknowwho directed me here, gonna stay tuned... comming from the land (Norway) where goverement has bet our all old age fortunes on oil crises kind of has to :-)

Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Thanks, Dave! I'll try to keep it interesting. :-)

Mile, thanks for writing! I love your fringe poster for this year -- hope I see you at Dufferin Grove.

Arne, our Canadian old age pensions are MIA! I think Norway will have an advantage though.

Minu said...

Heyy.. its same here. I get peak oil mini nightmares. Unfortunately unlike optimistic attitude you have, mine has been more of john kunstler's "long emergency" kind :)
I wish that everyone has your perspective on life ;